UPDATE – 8-4-20

We are changing the procedure for clocking in.

Incoming Shift – DO NOT enter the building before your SHIFT start time.

Be at your work station ready to work NO LATER than 5                                     minutes after your SHIFT start time.

Outgoing Shift – DO NOT leave your work station any earlier than 5                                               minutes till your end of shift.

Once your cleaning is done, you may clock out and leave.

Outgoing shift should be out of the plant by end of shift                                       time.

DO NOT congregate in the parking lot!!!

Abide by all other COVID GUIDELINES, especially the 6 foot distancing guideline unless it is not possible to do so. If you are unable to maintain a 6 foot distance, please wear a mask until you can.


Please continue to monitor this site and the fb page for updates.



REMEMBER to keep monitoring this section of our website for updates on operational conditions.

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